Hi, I'm Eric Feng

Fascinated by technology from a young age, I’ve dedicated over 5 years to develop a diverse skillset to solve unique challenges. I have experienced fields including software engineering, web development, marketing, E-commerce, cybersecurity, and trading. As a computer science major in college, I am aiming to specialize in one of these fields.


Explore my portfolio of projects and see the diverse range of skills and experience I bring to the table. From programming to business, each project showcases my ability to effectively tackle and solve problems.


I developed an application that uses Facebook Prophet machine learning to predict & chart future stock prices. Developed using Python and Eel.js
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Chemrus, IT & Lab Associate

I ensure the seamless functioning and optimal performance of the company's online presence. I am responsible for maintaining and updating the website, as well as implementing an efficient order management system using Excel and Visual Basic. My efforts have led to increased efficiency in orders from top universities and pharmaceuticals such as Harvard, MIT, Pfizer, NIH and many more.
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CTFGuide, Internship

I developed a graphical user interface in Java that connects to the CTFGuide API. Acquired proficiency in the MERN (MongoDB, Express, React, Node.js) programming stack. During the summer of 2023, I was offered to travel to the Pennsylvania State University to continue my internship.
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Nemours, Developer

I had the opportunity to work with experienced therapists at a Nemours Children's Hospital, where I created 2 augmented reality games using Unity and C# to aid in physical rehabilitation and treatment of Cerebral Palsy. Our goal was to enhance patient recovery and make therapy sessions more engaging and interactive.
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UFFT, Founder & Developer

Introducing UFFT - The Unprivate Fortnite Tracker Tool. I created this website using HTML/CSS (Tailwind) and JavaScript to assist Fortnite eSports players in evaluating the true statistics of potential teammates. With over 20,000+ monthly users, this tool has become a go-to resource for players looking to make informed decisions and eliminate uncertainty about their teammates' skill level. No more uncertainty about the skill level of your teammates. This tool will give you the information you need to make informed decisions.
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What People Say About Me

Hear from satisfied clients and colleagues as they share their experiences working with me. Read through their testimonials to get a sense of the level of service and expertise you can expect when working with me.
Eric has vision, drive and the ability to create thematic imagery with skilled maturation. He was able to execute the teams request for a new website, actively work with Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator and Premiere Pro to incorporate designs into our social media, graphic design publications, refine the teams brand for business and team management, capture photography and video to develop video and contribute to the new branding imagery through a multitude of social media platforms. These were tremendous accomplishments achieved in a short amount of time. This was done through Eric’s focus and determination to ensure his work was done with fidelity and to the highest of our teams’ standards.”
Brandi Mycoff
Teacher, FIRST Hall of Fame Team 365
“Nice job!”
Sheldon Ho
Influencer, CantoMando
"Great Communication. Would love to work again!"
"Best editor so far and only in 1 day"
"Good stuff arrived"
"Good quality and fast"
"Eric best seller ever"
Various Fiverr Clients
Multiple Clients
“Eric is a fantastic person to work with. He's a reliable employee that gets things done on time. He built a highly functional CLI for the CTFGuide API that is loved by many of our users.
Pranav Ramesh
“Fast, high quality, and created the website exactly how I wanted it.”
Editor, CubeX Gaming

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